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Published By The International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland, this book is an authorative discussion of Baltic Amber.
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About Amber Types

About the types of amber and what is genuine amber.

The word amber is a generic term that covers many different types of raw as well as processed amber. This pages discusses the various types of amber.

As a first step one must distinguish between amber from different parts of the world. The amber in each region was created from different tree saps, under different conditions and at different times. So the chemical makeup is different.

Natural Baltic Amber, from the countries around the Baltic Sea, is generally considered the highest quality. It has the highest content in amber acid, is most prized for medicinal use and is considered to have the best beauty.

You will find that there are significant price differences among the ambers from the different regions. Baltic amber is generally priced highest. And because it is in high demand, it is not priced low. If you find a source of cheap Baltic Amber, you must be careful that it might be from another region and is being misrepresented. Baltic amber dealers know what they have and they do not sell under market!

Amber, as it comes from the soil - or sea - is a rough stone. Most people don't even recognize it laying on the beaches as a valuable gemstone.

To use it for jewelry, it must be processed in some way.

Some is of such high quality that it can be polished and used in unique one of a kind pieces of jewelry. Some can be polished and used in necklaces.

But most amber cannot.

And most amber has to be processed for one reason or another.

To make uniformly shaped beads and cabochons, it has to be heated and pressed.

Amber is heated to clarify it, to change its color, to create fractals, to make clear drops for necklaces, and to render otherwise low grade amber into a molten mass that can be formed into something useful.

It is heated and pressed into forms used to make production pieces of silver and amber jewelry.

In short, almost all amber has been heated or heated and pressed.

Only raw amber stones are not. See Raw Amber

All uniform beads are. See Amber Beads

If it started as a Natural Baltic Amber stone, after heating and processing it is still genuine Baltic Amber. It is not a natural stone, but a genuine piece of Baltic Amber.

There is a lot of counterfeit amber on the market that is simply a colored resin. Sometimes it has some amber chips included. It is often beautiful, uniform and cheap. Other times it is even sold at higher prices than genuine amber since it often looks more attractive because it is clear.

There is only one real way to be sure of what you are getting. And that is to know your source and to know that your source is reputable.

We do hope that this About Amber Types page has been informative and helpful.

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